Monday, December 27, 2010

Thoughts, suggestions, two cents…

- Whilst I was quite amazed at the low airtime provided by the local media, I find that this ensured that only genuine enthusiasts participated/turned up.

- Whilst there didn't seem to be any evident problem on the security front, it might benefit from some more attention for Kanakakunnu Palace is a destination for stragglers in the evening.

- This year's Hay Festival was more aptly version 0.0 since the organisers were testing the waters. If the subsequent Hay Festival 2011 be modelled on the original Hays, would the entry continue to be free?

- Should there be another Hay Festival in Trivandrum (which is likely), I shall definitely attend, irrespective of my geographical location. On this note, do feel free to contact me if anyone would like to get relevant information on Trivandrum.
- It might also be convenient if the Festival will be conducted on the Friday-Saturday-Sunday of the week - for the benefit of those of us here/may be elsewhere/would be elsewhere.

- A dedicated (and spacious) area for book-signing might be most helpful- also, presence of ushers to avert queue-jumping!

- I’d very much like a proper debate, along the lines of those at the Oxford Union- with the house’s proposition and opposition and appropriate speakers.

- Christmas might have been last year but it’s not too late to present my personal wish list for the Hay line up next year, supplementary to this year’s: poet Geoffrey Hill, historian Quentin Skinner, author Frederick Forsyth (The Day of the Jackal), author-politician Rory Stewart (The Places in Between), historian (and former Oxford Blue) Dan Snow (Battlefield Britain), director Mira Nair, politician-environmentalist Zac Goldsmith, politician-journalist Boris Johnson, spin doctor Alastair Campbell (The Blair Years), naturalist David Attenborough, economist Amartya Sen, social scientist Richard Florida, author Yann Martel (Life of Pi). And perhaps Tony Blair and/or Al Gore too?

And perhaps a concert by James Blunt or U2???

Fingers crossed for next year and towards making more hay in the sunshine!


  1. I finally got around to reading through this blog - all of it. Nice job. It's great that you've made this record online of a wonderful and memorable weekend, which, as you say, received little media coverage.

    I too will make a point to be there for the 2011 edition, wherever I may otherwise be.

  2. Thank you, Barns! Hopefully, the 2011 edition will be equally memorable- wonder whether some of those slated for Hay-on-Wye will turn up here as well.